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The British Royal Links Page

Below is a list of all the links to sites about the British Royal Family I've been able to find. Take a look around, sign some guestbooks and most importantly, have fun! If you're looking for sites dedicated to Prince William, there is a special page linked at the bottom of this page for sites dedicated to him.

The Official British Royal Family Website
Royal Insight
The Official Prince of Wales Website
The Official Prince Michael of Kent Website
The Official Viscount Linley Website

The Unofficial British Royal Family Pages AGR in a Nutshell Royal Palace Royalwatching Central The Royal Archive The Royal Flush Yvonne's Royalty Homepage The Throne Room Royal Corner Royal Watching The Crowned Head Royal Families of the World Rosie's World of Royalty The English Royal Family Royalty in History Kings and Queens of England Marivi's Royalty Homepage The British Royal Family

Royalty Magazine Online The Incomplete Peerage Royal Astrology Canadian Monarchist Online RoyalWatch: The Online Royal Magazine The Royalist Society

Lily's Page for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie Prince Charles-The Charletta's The Duchess of York Especially Prince Harry

William Links

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