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These are all the Royalty related links I've been able to find. Have fun running around with the pooch there!

The Official British Royal Family Website:
The Unofficial Royal Family Pages:
Royal Palace:
The British Royal Family:
Marivi's Royalty Page:
RoyalWatching Central:
The Royal Archive:
Kings and Queens of England:
The Royal Flush:
Royalty Magazine On-Line:
The Royalty in History Site:
The Incomplete Peerage:
Royal Astrology:
Canadian Monarchist Online:
The English Royal Family:
Yvonne's Royalty Homepage:
The Royalist Society:
Royal Families of the World:
The British Royal Family:
Lily's Page For Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie:
Prince Charles~The Charletta's:
Rosie's World of Royalty:
Royal Corner:
Royal Watching:
The Crowned Head:
Royal Insight:
Prince William Site Links:
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If you have a page dedicated to or about any Royal at all, from anywhere in the world, and would like me to link it to this page, please email me here and give me the link and the name of the site, so I can add it. I would be more than happy to add any Royalty related page!

NOTE: I took off the links about non-British Royalty, because I want as much of my entire site as possible to be about British Royals. However, some of those links up there include links to sites on other Royals, so if you're looking for info on non-British Royals, please don't hesitate to use the links above to find the sites you wish to go to!

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